Dolan is the son of Calarn Grinspade, a merchant and trader who used to be one of the more prominent merchants in Amaranthine. Five years ago Dolan’s only worries were assisting his father with a troubled business and trying to straighten out his rebellious sister, Jalis, who had fallen in with the criminal Conrad family. But Jalis, at the urging of her lover Drody Conrad, tried to convince her father to use the Grinspade merchant trade as a front for a smuggling operation. Calarn repeatedly refused, instead opting to travel to Oswick in the Free Marches to try to open new trades. He never returned.

Dolan’s went to investigate but was thrown off the boat during a storm. A skillful swimmer, he was able to swim back to the coast. Knowing that his sister and the Conrads had tried to have him killed, he left Amaranthine and headed south. Dolan enlisted in the militia and was stationed on a border patrol near the uncharted territories.

After procuring the Grinspade merchant operation, the Conrad family has become one of the more powerful criminal organizations in Amaranthine. Though Dolan assumes his sister had his father killed, he has not yet pursued revenge, although he has thought about it often.


Calarn Grinspade (father): Merchant presumed dead on trip to Oswick

Jalis Grinspade (sister): Older sister, in league with the Conrad family.

Halinda Grinspade (mother): Died during childbirth of Dolan (partial reason for hostility of sister). Born in Oswick, Free Marches.


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