Dragon Age

The Meeting
On the road to Vintiver, four travellers cross paths

Dolan was travelling from his post in the uncharted territories to Vintiver, where he was to return the body of a fallen comrade home. En route he encountered a strange man off the road. The man didn’t have a memory but was lying next to three items. The man decided to take the name [Torr]. While trying to extract information about what happened, two other travelers approached, Luthien and Koltain. The four travelers then headed to Vintiver. Torr was found lying next to three unidentified items, they are: a black dragon-shaped figurine, an old-looking coin on a pendant with some sort of city pictured on it, and a tattered scrap of a scoll with unfamiliar writing on it. Luthien and Koltain were part of the Blackstone Irregulars.

A first adventure: Vintiver

On the way to Vintiver the group stopped by a farm house, finding several dead farmers with deep gash-wounds, in addition to a wounded elf names Eshara. The group took Eshara to the village but was not well received. The Dalish had a disagreement with the villagers, and recently there had been many mysterious attacks on livestock and people. The villagers blame the elves for the attack. Eshara tells a different story, claiming that her band of elves was destroyed by something in the forest. This mysterious evil now assaults Vintiver.

The group convinced the village elder that the elves were not the problem, and he convinced the local blacksmith to not kill Eshara for the moment. The group then set out to visit ruins that Eshara mentions where the party might destroy the mysterious evil.

The group is stopped on the way by the blacksmith, who wishes to kill Eshara, but we knock him out and his friends scatter.

The group continues to the ruins, encountering some dark crows on the way that are killed. The group enter the ruins and free the slaves. The slaves tell that one of their elves broke a chain and was possessed by the demon Mythallen. The group find that the wolfmen have already left and are heading for Vintever. A few of the warriors agree to take us on a shortcut path.

The group takes the shortcut but on the way encounters a giant spider, which is quickly slain. The group continues towards the town but encounters more dark crows. In the town the group is able to dispatch the darkspawn and kill Mythallen.

The start of a quest
and trouble on the road

The group next heads heads towards the circle of the Magi to search for Koltain’s brother, Verras. On the way, the group hears riders approaching from the rear. Two templars greet the travelers. It appears that they were sent to the town of Longhill to dispatch some apostate mages. The mages convinced them that they were not a threat and the templars are deserting. The mages apparently were fighting a plague in the village and the templars saw them use their powers for good. After some interrogating, the group decides there still might be trouble in the town. The group turns back to make sure the town is safe.

We enter the town of Longhill and encounter four apostate mages. The apostate mages admit that they missed one demon in the form of a newborn 12 foot tall baby and it is locked in the chantry. They ask us to hold it down while they cast a spell to remove the curse. The group holds the demon down while the mages remove the curse. The town is very happy with us because we didn’t kill the baby and give us some magic items.

After this the group heads to West Hill. The group tells the two templar deserters that it could be better to help the apostates by staying near the circle, or at least telling the circle that the apostates had been killed and they are tracking one to Orlais. Don’t know what they actually will do but they ride off. They say Longhill was saved by Apostates.

As you can see i forgot a bunch of stuff. My notes: Pendant – black city Thazaar in Denerim -> circle mage at shop in merchant district Grand Cathedral, Val Royeaux, Orlais Argent Spire, Minratheus, Tevinter College of Clerics at Val Royeaux

Gant stops us, is a grey warden, trouble from Grey Wardens in Orlais

West Hill / Tower of the Magi

The group heads to the Tower of the Magi and plans to return to West Hill and take a boat to Val Royeaux in 7 days. The group travels to the Lake Calenhad Docks and then to the tower. Koltain learns that his brother Verras left the tower shortly after his Harrowing. No one in the tower appears to know exactly why he left or where he went to.

Upon return to West Hill, the group finds out that Luthien’s sister has been taken captive by a group of people claiming to be Blackstone Irregulars. These people were looking for Luthien but took his sister instead. The kidnappers were lead by a short fellow of stocky build with long hair, seedy fashion, and who spoke the Queen’s tongue. The group lets it be known around town that Koltain and Luthien are back, hoping that the Blackstone Irregulars will come to them.

That night, four Blackstone Irregulars attempt to break into the hotel room. One is knocked unconscious while the others flee. The group breaks into the Blackstone Irregular’s hideout and encounters 1 new and 3 of the same BIs. The group corners the commanding officer. They BIs have no idea about the kidnapping, and the commanding officer agrees to stop hunting Koltain and Luthien.

While searching the docks for a sign of Luthien’s sister’s disappearance, the group is approached by two apostates. The apostates as for the one with the tattoo on his foot. The party engage the Magi but are quickly stunned and upon coming to realize that Torr has been taken. Koltain and Dolan’s shoes are off, but Luthien’s are not. The objects of Torr remain in the possession of the group.

The group sits down at a local bar to mull over where Luthien’s sister might have been taken. An eavesdropping local informs them that there has been a lot of trade of young elven rouges to Orlais to be trained as Bards and sold to nobles.

I'm on a Boat

The group asks around the dock but no one has seen any sign of Luthien’s sister of the person we are hunting. They could have left by either the sea or by the road. The group assumes that they are heading to Orlais and decide to take a boat to Val Royeaux, as originally planned.

Grand Cathedral of Val Royeaux (large tower + 2 towers). On coin looks like 1 major tower. So could be Mindrathis.

Chantries and Deep Roads

We learn Luthien’s sister is being held by a noble in the south part of town. The Debargais tell us they will get back to us in 2 days about it.

The Grey Wardens ask us to investigate the disappearance of one of theirs taken prisoner by the Chantry. We investigate and it seems they turned into demons and then escaped.

Later there is a commotion and crowds heading to the Grand Cathedral. It turns out the council is all dead, killed by some type of magic poison. After some snooping Luthien notices a passage into the Deep Roads. We also discover that the people the GWs were jailed for killing, one of them had a symbol that Torr had.

The cult or brotherhood was held in high esteem. And the GWs were condemned to imprisonment.
The tattoo symbolizes a child of Andraste. D/N say why GW were killed, reference to faction of group used to be in Orlais.

We head into the Deep Roads to investigate what could be there. We head to the left and then down a path and kill 3 dragonlings. Then we head down aother tunnel and kill two giant spiders.

11/10/10 More Deep Roads

After killing the spiders we proceed down the same path.

We encounter a group of gathering darkspawn. After defeating the Hurlocks, the Genlocks break ranks, and we are victorious.

We continue down some stairs and face a golem. After defeating the golem, we find a hidden cache with a pair of dwarven boots. Luthien currently has these unidentified boots.

We go down a side path and find a hole that leads straight down deep into the dark where we assume more darkspawn lurk. We avoid this hole

We continue to find a room with darkspawn and the two grey wardens we are after. We fight the darkspawn but the grey wardens leave escape.

After defeating the Darkspawn, we continue to the Grey Wardens. When we next catch the Wardens, they escape again while we face down a small clutch of wraiths. We defeat the wraiths using magical attacks, and take a short rest

We follow their tracks into a large Thaig. We find the grey wardens Kwai and Uriel. Luthien distracts the Warrior Uriel, while Koltain and Dolan fight a long but loosing battle against the mage Kwai, who summons the undead to his aid. Luthien escapes to the surface.

Upon escape, Luthien attempts to enlist the aid of the Grey Wardens who sent us searching for Kwai and Uriel. Luthien fails miserably. Dolan and Luthien wake in a darkspawn stronghold. D&L encounter the lost wardens during our escape attempt. Kwai speaks to D&L, requesting that they meet their ‘master’. D&L see no alternative, so we accept.

Deeper Roads

Luthien identifies the magic boots as +3 dmg vs. darkspawn.
Luthien joins her grey warden buddies on the surface, around daylight the Debargais approach her with information on his sister’s (Alanna) whereabouts.

She convinces the Grey Wardens to help her sister. She approaches Revalard (the noble who bought her sister) in a study and asks where his sister is. “Where is she?!” Luthien exclaims. He replies ’it’s complicated.’ The sister was given to Archibald, who received punishment for being connected to slavers. Luthien grabs a book about the history of the grand cathedral.

They go to the Ralentie manner, where there is a mansion with Dorian columns. The butler says that Archibald went East with the sister.

Luthien finds her sister accompanied by Archibald in a cheese shop in the market. Luthien leaves her sister with the grey wardens. Archibald decides to accompany Luthien into the deep roads. In the cathedral they run into Arthras.

Athras was sent by the circle to look for Luthien’s Koltain’s brother, Verys.

They decide to go into the deep roads to look for Koltain.

Viceroy Leon is Revalard.

Luthien, Athras, Archibald, and the two Grey Wardens wander through the deep roads. They go down the previously unexplored hole. Luthien scouts ahead and is spotted by a darkspawn.

Get me out of here

Following a violent exchange with a handful of Darkspawn, Luthien, Athras, and Archibald & the two grey wardens find Dolan & Koltain with the grey warden ghouls Kwai and Uriel. After some internal debate and impressive patience on the part of the ghouls, the party agrees to meet their leader.
After learning Athras’s purpose, Koltain stuns & questions Athras. Koltain is satisfied with Athras’s response, and the two appear equally at a loss regarding Verys’s whereabouts.
The ghouls’ master is Avishai, a tranquil who should have become a ghoul. Instead, it appears that his emotional neutering leaves him immune to the hypnotic powers of the arch-demon. Nonetheless, Avishai can hear the demon, and intends to destroy it before it can rise as a dragon.
Avishai is concerned about a mage competing with him in an attempt to raise the old god. This mage may be Verys, Koltain’s brother and former mage at the tower with Athras. The party agrees to travel to Minrathous in the Tevinter Imperium to investigate and hopefully stop Verys. In return Kwai and Avishai surrender the Warden-Ghoul Uriel to be judged for their crimes against the chantry.
The party confiscates Uriels fearsome longsword while allowing the once noble warden to retain her apparently precious shield. The longsword is later revealed to be +2 to intimidate.
The party return to the surface and reveal the situation to the grey warden leadership before preparing to depart for Tevinter.

On the Road

We traveled on the road. Koltain learned drain life and we killed a lot of Templars. We met Ghorik when running from where we killed the Templars. We played a tavern drinking game and made some money. We got to Minrathos the Tevinter Capital, and then found the cult called the Children of Dumat trying to raise Urthemiel. We went to their cave, Archibald extorted 25 gold in taxes. We burned someone, and knocked or killed the guards. We need to confront Veras, Kholtain’s brother.


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