Dragon Age

The start of a quest
and trouble on the road

The group next heads heads towards the circle of the Magi to search for Koltain’s brother, Verras. On the way, the group hears riders approaching from the rear. Two templars greet the travelers. It appears that they were sent to the town of Longhill to dispatch some apostate mages. The mages convinced them that they were not a threat and the templars are deserting. The mages apparently were fighting a plague in the village and the templars saw them use their powers for good. After some interrogating, the group decides there still might be trouble in the town. The group turns back to make sure the town is safe.

We enter the town of Longhill and encounter four apostate mages. The apostate mages admit that they missed one demon in the form of a newborn 12 foot tall baby and it is locked in the chantry. They ask us to hold it down while they cast a spell to remove the curse. The group holds the demon down while the mages remove the curse. The town is very happy with us because we didn’t kill the baby and give us some magic items.

After this the group heads to West Hill. The group tells the two templar deserters that it could be better to help the apostates by staying near the circle, or at least telling the circle that the apostates had been killed and they are tracking one to Orlais. Don’t know what they actually will do but they ride off. They say Longhill was saved by Apostates.

As you can see i forgot a bunch of stuff. My notes: Pendant – black city Thazaar in Denerim -> circle mage at shop in merchant district Grand Cathedral, Val Royeaux, Orlais Argent Spire, Minratheus, Tevinter College of Clerics at Val Royeaux

Gant stops us, is a grey warden, trouble from Grey Wardens in Orlais

A first adventure: Vintiver

On the way to Vintiver the group stopped by a farm house, finding several dead farmers with deep gash-wounds, in addition to a wounded elf names Eshara. The group took Eshara to the village but was not well received. The Dalish had a disagreement with the villagers, and recently there had been many mysterious attacks on livestock and people. The villagers blame the elves for the attack. Eshara tells a different story, claiming that her band of elves was destroyed by something in the forest. This mysterious evil now assaults Vintiver.

The group convinced the village elder that the elves were not the problem, and he convinced the local blacksmith to not kill Eshara for the moment. The group then set out to visit ruins that Eshara mentions where the party might destroy the mysterious evil.

The group is stopped on the way by the blacksmith, who wishes to kill Eshara, but we knock him out and his friends scatter.

The group continues to the ruins, encountering some dark crows on the way that are killed. The group enter the ruins and free the slaves. The slaves tell that one of their elves broke a chain and was possessed by the demon Mythallen. The group find that the wolfmen have already left and are heading for Vintever. A few of the warriors agree to take us on a shortcut path.

The group takes the shortcut but on the way encounters a giant spider, which is quickly slain. The group continues towards the town but encounters more dark crows. In the town the group is able to dispatch the darkspawn and kill Mythallen.

The Meeting
On the road to Vintiver, four travellers cross paths

Dolan was travelling from his post in the uncharted territories to Vintiver, where he was to return the body of a fallen comrade home. En route he encountered a strange man off the road. The man didn’t have a memory but was lying next to three items. The man decided to take the name [Torr]. While trying to extract information about what happened, two other travelers approached, Luthien and Koltain. The four travelers then headed to Vintiver. Torr was found lying next to three unidentified items, they are: a black dragon-shaped figurine, an old-looking coin on a pendant with some sort of city pictured on it, and a tattered scrap of a scoll with unfamiliar writing on it. Luthien and Koltain were part of the Blackstone Irregulars.


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