Dragon Age

Wouldn't you rather...

Koltain is running in front and chooses to go left at the first fork. This leads to a round room with another fork. He again runs left and is surprised by four giant spiders. Everyone else catches up to him and helps defeat the giant spiders. We follow some promising tracks past the giant spiders and stumble into the deep roads. We follow more tracks and find two rings in some crates, a ring of deception (Luthien is keeping it) and ring of blood, the identity of which Athras tries to hide from everyone but Luthien and Koltain find out and Koltain wears the ring without telling anyone else what it is. After searching the deep roads a little while, we find a side cave with Veras and four other mages. We convince him to come with us to Weisshept to try and determine if he is possessed and if the wardens will try and follow his plan to wake the old gods to destroy the darkspawn.

Ghorik and Dolan travel to Minrathous to talk to the Fallen Wardens and bring them to Weisshept. The rest of the party travels with Veras towards Weisshept.



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