Dragon Age

The Bloodtaker

We make our way up the stairs to find a room with a grate covering the door and the Bloodtaker in the middle (looks like an Avvar dressed in tevinter mage robes). Athras confirms that it is Veras Greyjoy, “This is the man I knew as Veras or at least the creature that wears his skin.” Veras confirmed that he is trying to raise an old god (not as an archdemon). He is trying to raise an untainted old god to destroy the dark spawn. We try to convince him to wait so that we can see if the Grey Wardens will support his plan. Luthien parkours up a 20 yard shear wall, and finds another way to the room where Veras is hiding behind the grate. She then warns the others that there are 5 guards hiding out of sight with Veras. Everyone pretends to leaves, but prepares an attack.

Then Koltain returns to pretend to ask Veras to teach him blood magic, who has left the room. As the guards reveal the secret door to Veras, Koltain casts mind blast and everyone attacks. Athras ducks a sword swipe by inches and places his hands on the attackers neck to freeze him. Archibald skewers the same guard with his rapier, who then freezes solid with the rapier stuck in him. Eventually the group wears down the guards and Archibald kills the last two guards with a flourish.

Koltain, Dolan, and Ghorik immediately chase Veras down the secret door.



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