Dragon Age

Get me out of here

Following a violent exchange with a handful of Darkspawn, Luthien, Athras, and Archibald & the two grey wardens find Dolan & Koltain with the grey warden ghouls Kwai and Uriel. After some internal debate and impressive patience on the part of the ghouls, the party agrees to meet their leader.
After learning Athras’s purpose, Koltain stuns & questions Athras. Koltain is satisfied with Athras’s response, and the two appear equally at a loss regarding Verys’s whereabouts.
The ghouls’ master is Avishai, a tranquil who should have become a ghoul. Instead, it appears that his emotional neutering leaves him immune to the hypnotic powers of the arch-demon. Nonetheless, Avishai can hear the demon, and intends to destroy it before it can rise as a dragon.
Avishai is concerned about a mage competing with him in an attempt to raise the old god. This mage may be Verys, Koltain’s brother and former mage at the tower with Athras. The party agrees to travel to Minrathous in the Tevinter Imperium to investigate and hopefully stop Verys. In return Kwai and Avishai surrender the Warden-Ghoul Uriel to be judged for their crimes against the chantry.
The party confiscates Uriels fearsome longsword while allowing the once noble warden to retain her apparently precious shield. The longsword is later revealed to be +2 to intimidate.
The party return to the surface and reveal the situation to the grey warden leadership before preparing to depart for Tevinter.



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