Dragon Age

Deeper Roads

Luthien identifies the magic boots as +3 dmg vs. darkspawn.
Luthien joins her grey warden buddies on the surface, around daylight the Debargais approach her with information on his sister’s (Alanna) whereabouts.

She convinces the Grey Wardens to help her sister. She approaches Revalard (the noble who bought her sister) in a study and asks where his sister is. “Where is she?!” Luthien exclaims. He replies ’it’s complicated.’ The sister was given to Archibald, who received punishment for being connected to slavers. Luthien grabs a book about the history of the grand cathedral.

They go to the Ralentie manner, where there is a mansion with Dorian columns. The butler says that Archibald went East with the sister.

Luthien finds her sister accompanied by Archibald in a cheese shop in the market. Luthien leaves her sister with the grey wardens. Archibald decides to accompany Luthien into the deep roads. In the cathedral they run into Arthras.

Athras was sent by the circle to look for Luthien’s Koltain’s brother, Verys.

They decide to go into the deep roads to look for Koltain.

Viceroy Leon is Revalard.

Luthien, Athras, Archibald, and the two Grey Wardens wander through the deep roads. They go down the previously unexplored hole. Luthien scouts ahead and is spotted by a darkspawn.



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