Dragon Age

Chantries and Deep Roads

We learn Luthien’s sister is being held by a noble in the south part of town. The Debargais tell us they will get back to us in 2 days about it.

The Grey Wardens ask us to investigate the disappearance of one of theirs taken prisoner by the Chantry. We investigate and it seems they turned into demons and then escaped.

Later there is a commotion and crowds heading to the Grand Cathedral. It turns out the council is all dead, killed by some type of magic poison. After some snooping Luthien notices a passage into the Deep Roads. We also discover that the people the GWs were jailed for killing, one of them had a symbol that Torr had.

The cult or brotherhood was held in high esteem. And the GWs were condemned to imprisonment.
The tattoo symbolizes a child of Andraste. D/N say why GW were killed, reference to faction of group used to be in Orlais.

We head into the Deep Roads to investigate what could be there. We head to the left and then down a path and kill 3 dragonlings. Then we head down aother tunnel and kill two giant spiders.



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