Dragon Age

West Hill / Tower of the Magi

The group heads to the Tower of the Magi and plans to return to West Hill and take a boat to Val Royeaux in 7 days. The group travels to the Lake Calenhad Docks and then to the tower. Koltain learns that his brother Verras left the tower shortly after his Harrowing. No one in the tower appears to know exactly why he left or where he went to.

Upon return to West Hill, the group finds out that Luthien’s sister has been taken captive by a group of people claiming to be Blackstone Irregulars. These people were looking for Luthien but took his sister instead. The kidnappers were lead by a short fellow of stocky build with long hair, seedy fashion, and who spoke the Queen’s tongue. The group lets it be known around town that Koltain and Luthien are back, hoping that the Blackstone Irregulars will come to them.

That night, four Blackstone Irregulars attempt to break into the hotel room. One is knocked unconscious while the others flee. The group breaks into the Blackstone Irregular’s hideout and encounters 1 new and 3 of the same BIs. The group corners the commanding officer. They BIs have no idea about the kidnapping, and the commanding officer agrees to stop hunting Koltain and Luthien.

While searching the docks for a sign of Luthien’s sister’s disappearance, the group is approached by two apostates. The apostates as for the one with the tattoo on his foot. The party engage the Magi but are quickly stunned and upon coming to realize that Torr has been taken. Koltain and Dolan’s shoes are off, but Luthien’s are not. The objects of Torr remain in the possession of the group.

The group sits down at a local bar to mull over where Luthien’s sister might have been taken. An eavesdropping local informs them that there has been a lot of trade of young elven rouges to Orlais to be trained as Bards and sold to nobles.



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