Dragon Age

11/10/10 More Deep Roads

After killing the spiders we proceed down the same path.

We encounter a group of gathering darkspawn. After defeating the Hurlocks, the Genlocks break ranks, and we are victorious.

We continue down some stairs and face a golem. After defeating the golem, we find a hidden cache with a pair of dwarven boots. Luthien currently has these unidentified boots.

We go down a side path and find a hole that leads straight down deep into the dark where we assume more darkspawn lurk. We avoid this hole

We continue to find a room with darkspawn and the two grey wardens we are after. We fight the darkspawn but the grey wardens leave escape.

After defeating the Darkspawn, we continue to the Grey Wardens. When we next catch the Wardens, they escape again while we face down a small clutch of wraiths. We defeat the wraiths using magical attacks, and take a short rest

We follow their tracks into a large Thaig. We find the grey wardens Kwai and Uriel. Luthien distracts the Warrior Uriel, while Koltain and Dolan fight a long but loosing battle against the mage Kwai, who summons the undead to his aid. Luthien escapes to the surface.

Upon escape, Luthien attempts to enlist the aid of the Grey Wardens who sent us searching for Kwai and Uriel. Luthien fails miserably. Dolan and Luthien wake in a darkspawn stronghold. D&L encounter the lost wardens during our escape attempt. Kwai speaks to D&L, requesting that they meet their ‘master’. D&L see no alternative, so we accept.



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